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Geometric Windows in Greater Columbus, OH

Geometric windows are unique window options that can greatly enhance the appearance of your home. Although they can’t operate like most traditional windows, they’re more customizable than your typical casement window or double-hung window. This is because they come in several shapes and sizes, which you can easily incorporate into your property’s architectural design.

Some of the most common geometric window shapes are the following:

  • Triangle Windows
  • Octagon Windows
  • Pentagon Windows
  • Trapezoid Windows
  • Full circle Windows
  • Circle top Windows
  • Quarter round Windows
  • Eyebrow Windows

Aside from their versatility, geometric windows can also give you the following benefits:

Geometric Window

Provides More Natural Light

Geometric windows can’t provide you with any ventilation but they can improve the natural lighting in your home. Geometric windows can be installed over an existing casement or double-hung window, allowing more natural light to enter the room. You can even install a geometric window by itself to invite light in areas where there was none before. Some of the most common places for geometric windows include:

  • Bathrooms
  • Staircase landing
  • Walk-in closets

Enhances Home Efficiency

Modern geometric windows are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Many geometric window models come with gas-filled panes or heat film technology that improves their insulating capabilities. Because of this, geometric windows can reduce heat transfer and keep your indoor environment pleasant.

Increases Home Value

Geometric windows are unique, customizable, and give your home several benefits. As such, geometric windows almost always increase a home’s value. If you think a geometric window will complement the architectural design of your home, contact Freedom Windows today. We have been in the home improvement and replacement window business for many years in Columbus, Ohio.

Our window experts will be more than happy to show you our selection of geometric options and help you choose the type of windows that suit your design and preference and we'll install the windows for you. Give us a call at 614-798-1133 today!