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French Doors

French Doors

Double doors, or “French Doors” as they are called, offer the opportunity for full access to your home or business. They are very helpful for the occasional furniture move and a wonderful way to bring in lots of light or decorative glass accents.

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Benefits and Features of Our French Doors

  • Double doors are available with hardware on the primary active door or both the active and secondary door as an option.
  • Our french doors are equipped with a state-of-the-art astragal that has a weather close out seal that travels up and down with the internal head and foot bolts.
  • For a classic look consider a HGI french door set available in all door styles, color and stain options.
  • All door styles are available as French/Double Doors.
Easy To Operate Bolts French/Double Doors
Easy to operate bolts that secure the secondary door top and bottom
Slide Bolts On French Doors
Close out seal travels with slide bolts to ensure a good seal without the usual wear and tear.

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