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Double Hung Wood Windows Installation in Central Ohio

The Freedom Windows’s most popular wood window style is the double-hung window.

Wood windows are stylish and attractive. They have become the choice of many homeowners who want the windows to match the style of their home’s historic architecture or are looking for looking for a warmer, more approachable design in a contemporary house.

  • The frames are made with real wood with a special polymer that both protects the window and keeps the wood look consistent.
  • Their performance is excellent, too: wood materials provide a great deal of insulation that will cut your heating and cooling costs by as much as 25 percent—and that’s not even considering the saving that the energy-efficient glass will provide you!
  • Wood windows add additional value to a home.
  • They come in many styles, colors, and trims. You’ll have many options when you start to design double-hung wood windows.

The Benefits of Wood Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are functional and beautiful, and it’s no wonder so many homes have them. If you’re considering wood double-hung windows, here are some of the advantages:


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  • They allow extra ventilation. These windows are designed using two sashes within one frame, and each sash slides up and down to allow air flow in your house. You can also put screens on them to allow less air flow and to keep bugs out of your house.
  • They are easy to clean. You can clean your double-hung wood windows quickly and easily from inside the house—even if these windows are on the top floor. Simply tilt each sash forward, clean, and tilt the sash back in.
  • They are amazingly energy efficient. The window lines that The Freedom Windows uses will save you up to $400 a year of energy costs will you’re replacing a single pane window! Homeowners tell us all the time that they quickly recouped the cost of their new wood windows through must lower utility bills.

Our configurations for double hung wood windows include single, double, and a picture window with two double hung windows on each side.

Wood Finishes and Textures Complete the Look

The finishes can be mixed and matched to complement both your home’s interior and exterior. The window interior finishes featuring real wood include maple, oak and cherry, and a number of exterior colors include white, bronze, beige, and red.

See samples of our work in our virtual gallery.

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