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Picture Window Installation in Columbus, OH & Surrounding Areas

Picture windows are the perfect statement piece for homes that have vaulted or high ceilings. Picture windows are big, beautiful, and can frame a larger outdoor view than any other window type. They also invite more sunshine into your home, which is a handy feature to keep the indoors warm and comfortable during winter.

However, unlike other windows, the picture window is fixed, meaning it doesn’t have any moving parts and you can’t close or open it. Despite this feature, a picture window comes with a number of benefits that are sure to improve your building’s curb appeal, as well as your lifestyle. Some of these benefits include:

Picture Window Installation
Picture Window


Many homeowners are reluctant to purchase a picture window because they may think bigger windows cost more. On the contrary, this kind of window system is very economical for its size. Since the picture window is fixed, you don’t need a lot of materials to make it. Thus, it’s more cost-effective than other large windows that have moving parts.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Since there are no mechanical parts involved in its construction, a picture window won’t need extensive repairs. It also means your picture windows are more durable because they'll encounter less damage than windows with sashes or latches. To ensure that your picture windows stay in great shape, they need to be cleaned regularly.

Commercials Fixed/Picture Window
Commercials Fixed/Picture Window


If you want to give a picture window more appeal, you can add other windows to accommodate its design. Any window style can complement the picture window, so you can easily maintain your building’s architecture.

In order to enjoy the benefits, you need to make sure that you’re purchasing a high-quality picture window. After all, picture windows that are well-constructed and come with various features will significantly improve your home’s comfort levels.

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