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Bay and Bow Windows in Columbus, Ohio and Surrounding Areas

Bay and bow windows are excellent options if you’re looking for units that can open up the space of your property. Unlike other systems, these windows are comprised of more than two windows – with bay having three and bow having four or more.

Both windows also protrude outward and are joined together to form a curve. As such, they share a number of qualities and benefits like the following:

Bay Window Inside
Bay Window

Invites Light and Fresh Air from Various Angles

Since bay and bow windows exhibit a curved design, they’re able to capture natural light and fresh air from various angles. Because of this, the windows can efficiently spread sunshine and cool winds throughout the property.

Makes Your Building Seem Larger than it Actually Is

Bay and bow windows also protrude outward, creating the illusion that the interior and exterior of your home is larger than it actually is. This protrusion also gives you the opportunity to install a seat board at the base of the unit, giving you more room to enjoy the scenery.

Adds Value to the Property

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and Bow Windows

Many modern bay and bow windows are customizable to fit the style of your property. They’re also constructed with durable materials, so they can withstand the elements and last longer. Due to their gorgeous appearance and their advantages mentioned earlier, it’s unsurprising that the value of your property will increase once you have these pieces installed.

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