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The Freedom FILM

Preserve Protective Window Film

Patented Film That Defends Your Glass

Our Window Film Safeguards Glass From Delivery Through Installation!

Often when you get new windows you may have other work done like pressure washing, painting or other home cleaning or renovations. This gets dirt, paint, and other marks on the you new windows leaving you to have to scrape and clean the windows. Preserve Freedom Window Film is the clear solution to window protection & provides an end-to-end solution for keeping your replacement window glass looking perfectly new while being shipped and installed in your home.

Factory Applied

This patented film defends your glass and is factory-applied to both the outer and inner surfaces in overlapping layers, it ensures that the entire glass surface is protected all the way through the phases of delivery & construction.

Interior and Exterior Film

Keep New Windows Looking Clean & New

On The Job Site... Stuff Happens!

Installing your new windows can be messy, but our new Freedom Film simplifies post-construction cleanup. Our film can safeguard against the following common installation issues:

  • Windows from caulking
  • Insulating foam
  • Hand or fingerprints
  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Even scratches

Makes Life So Much Easier!

After installation, our Freedom Team can simply peel off the New Freedom Film, disposing of both the film and any accumulated grime, including those annoying labels, leaving your window looking new and clean.

Preserve Film Peels