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The Freedom Window Reviews

Reviewed By: Joseph Kirkish
Location: Columbus, OH 43230-98

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Comment I just want to further mention that the quality of my new windows and doors makes me happy and is something to be deeply impressed by. I just got back from vacation and here in Ohio the heat and humidity have been really noticeable outside.

I am really impressed at how my new windows and doors insulate the air conditioning and keep the hot humid air out. I am happy with the product in how it keeps the air conditioner under control to avoid more expensive electricity. I sleep better and feel more comfortable inside. I have more energy throughout the day and feel good. I am fascinated, thankful and super impressed at the extraordinary hard work Ryan and his team accomplished.

The new windows and doors help me to feel more confident and secure in the home I live in. Ryan's service is absolutely worth every penny. I thank Ryan and his team for helping to increase the value of my home with the products and services delivered.

I will definitely recommend Freedom Windows to anyone looking to renovate their home. Thank you for helping to improve my quality of life. Ryan, You are a Miracle dream come true!
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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