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Patrick & Brittany O’Brien
Columbus, OH
January 8, 2018
After a thorough inspection, we recommended our Freedmom Heat Mirror products for his sliding glass door. because it is such a large opening, having something with a high energy efficiency rating is very important. This door has an R-value of 6 with a matching U-value of .16. For a double pained glass product this is absolutely the best thermal Sliding glass door you can put in an opening! For the garage back entry door, we wanted something that was going to last and stand up against the weather. It was in a low area and after removing the door we realized that the concrete pavers that were against the threshold on the exterior were not set right and needed to be re-cut and replaced correctly. Ben, our technician on the job, took the concrete pavers home with him and cut them with his wet saw to make sure that they fit just right against the new replacement threshold and door system that we were installing. The end result was wonderful as the entire area looks new and fits perfectly. We installed our Freedmo White 6-panel custom steel door with oil rubbed headwear and deadbolt lock set. For the gutters we went with a large 6” gutter and lager 3x4” down spouts to make sure that all of the rain water would get to where it need to go... to the drains and away from the home! During the gutter removal we found a lot of rotting wood that needed to be replaced. After replacing all of the rotting wood, we then capped the fascia wood with white capping and also the underneath soffit with white soffit siding to match. The end result is beautiful and protect the roof and wood from future issues. We also added our leaf protection Shur-Flo to the gutters to make sure to keep the gutters from ever getting clogged up. The O’Briens were very happy with all of the work and left us this review when the job was completed: “We are very pleased with the work that we had done on our home by Freedom Windows. (Sliding glass door, Gutters, exterior soffit/fascia trim and entry door to our garage). I worked directly with the owner, Ryan. Ryan was very easy to work with and he pays attention to details of the job. This was very important to us, as we like the job not just to be done, but to be done right! I would definitely recommend Ryan and Freedom Windows to our friends and family.” Thank you Patrick and Brittany, for trusting Freedom Windows with your new home!
Jerry Daniels
London, OH
December 15, 2017
We recommended the Budget Friendly Freedom Kingston Series Window. With an industry leading R-Value of 4.2, it is by far the nicest custom vinyl replacement window in it's class for the price! Jerry was thrilled when he saw our price proposal and placed an order after doing all of his window shopping. It took him a few months to get back to us, but said he and his daughter felt we had the best product that they had seen and that they felt comfortable with everyone they had spoken with and met. We installed all the windows in December, in freezing cold 20 degree temperatured with snow falling. It took us about 4 days to install everything, but he was more than happy after the project was completed. Mr. Daniels already has referred us to his neighbor across the street who was asking him about how we did. He gave us a great rating and one of our most detailed reviews yet. These are the kind of jobs that remind us why we do what we do. Thank you Mr. Daniels, we wish you a very Merry Christmas, and we are glad you love your new windows! We know your wife would have loved them too! -The Freedom team
Jessica & Brian Price
Dublin, OH
December 12, 2017
We all agreed that our Freedom kingston Series window was the best solution for their condo. The Kingston has a very high R-Value but also a friendly budget attached to it. When comparing to other windows in it's class, it out performs, has a better warranty, and "has more bells and whistles," according to Jessica. Windows have been installed, and Jessica gave us a 5 star review with a nice comment on 'Home Advisor' where she originally found us, (which can be seen in our "Reviews" section of our website. Thank you Jessica and Brian for trusting Freedom Windows with your beautiful condo here in Dublin, our back yard!
Bart & Lori Wilson
Westerville, OH
August 8, 2017
Bart & Lori found out very quickly after receiving several estimates that thir new window project wouldn't be cheap, and Lori goes on to say, "Everyone had basically the same window energy efficiency to offer... so we thought... until we came across Freedom Windows. Their glass technology was night and day from what we had seen." We gave them our proposal, and they chose to go with Freedom Windows Huntington Line right then and there! The Freedom Huntington Window Line is a finely-crafted, vinyl replacement window that will improve the beauty and energy efficiency of their home. For Years the Wilson's have been having trouble with opening and shutting their windows, and also rotting wood falling apart allowing a lot of air infiltration. The good news; Each individually-constructed Freedom Huntington window has special features that provide the ultimate in strength, durability, comfort, and trouble-free operation. All of our Freedom Windows are constructed with fusion-welded frames and sashes, internal chambers filled with insulating foam dual-weather, sealed-reinforced vinyl interlock to prevent air and water infiltration and more, making them the perfect choice to maximize the indoor comfort of your home. If you notice form the before pictures, their gutters were also original with the home and in major needing of a lot of help. We decided to go ahead and replace them as well with large 6" gutters and also gutter protection to keep the Wilson's off the latter and keep their gutters clean. After installation was completed, Lori had this to say: (As seen on Home Advisor and on our review page): "Freedom windows are awesome!! Several months since install and I have noticed less noise from outside and also on the 90 degree days the house was so much cooler!! We do not have air conditioning!! Absolutely love my new patio door as well!! The actual install was very smooth and the guys were very respectful and cleaned up everything. The overall experience with freedom windows was fantastic and I am looking forward to lower electric bill this winter!" THANK YOU Bart and Lori, for your wonderful review, for trusting Freedom with your home, for your business and referrals! We appreciate you and we are glad you love your new windows (And Gutters).

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