Freedom Swing Patio Doors

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The superior construction and craftsmanship of the Kensington HPP Swing Patio door adds beauty and elegance to the home while providing the energy efficiency you demand. This multi-paned door is available in either a single (garden) or double (french) configuration in either “in” or “out” swing. With double strength insulated glass included as standard, either a Low-E/Argon or 
a high performance glass system is available.

The in-swing opens into your home, creating an expansive airy feeling, while the out-swing is a portal to bring nature’s panorama i

Kensington swing doors are built for years of performance and avilable in several colors as well as custom exterior colors

Freedom Swing Patio Doors


New Hinge Technology

Through thingehe lifetime of any door, the components most susceptible to failure are the hinges. The Kensington door is manufactured with hinges that are not o


nly adjustable but carry a lifetime guarantee.

This feature protects your investment, and assures a quality installation that also allows for adjustments should your home settle over time.


Eight Reasons Our Quality is Superior

  1. 1″ insulated tempered glass system gives the door superior insulation and sound-deadening properties.
  2. Fusion-welded panel and frame corners create strong unitized components that prevent air and water infiltration.
  3. 4-9/16″ Frame with aluminum reinforced frame, sash, astragal and mulls creates rigidity plus the wear-resistant anodized aluminum sill cover stands up to the worst traffic area in the home. 
  4. Internal weeping system and a 15-degree sloped sill efficiantly divert water away from the home.
  5. High performance weather seals keep the weather on the outside.
  6. Multi-chambered, maintenance free vinyl profiles are impervious to water, air pollution and normal weathering affects. Never paint or stain your door again.
  7. Stiles are fully reinforced with engineere3d box beams for stavility and a lifetime of durability. 
  8. Multi-point lock gives you the ultimate in security and weather resistance.

Freedom Swing Patio Doors