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Insulated Vinyl Siding Installation in Columbus, OH and Surrounding Areas

Insulated Vinyl Siding Installation in Central Ohio
Insulated Vinyl Siding Installation in Columbus & Surrounding Areas

Purchasing a siding is an important investment, so it’s only natural to choose a material that exhibits exceptional craftsmanship and quality. For many homeowners, vinyl siding has always been their go-to choice because of its affordable price and dependability. However, if you’re looking for a material that has something more to offer, insulated vinyl siding is an even better option.

Like what its name implies, this system is a type of vinyl siding that has insulating capabilities. Because of this added feature, homeowners have a new option to improve the energy efficiency of their building while boosting its curb appeal.

Of course, to get the best out of this product, you need to buy from a reliable source. Fortunately, you can contact Freedom Windows to help you with your search.

Prodigy® Insulated Vinyl Siding at Freedom Windows

Freedom Windows has been in the home improvement company for a very long time, so we know what to look for when it comes to excellent siding options. After all, we want to give our clients the best products. Thus, our company is a proud dealer and distributor of Prodigy® insulated vinyl siding.

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Prodigy’s insulated vinyl siding is manufactured with an EPS foam. This material is the thickest foam on the market, which gives the product its exceptional thermal performance.

Aside from its energy efficiency, the insulated vinyl siding also has the following features:

  • Gorgeous cedar grain vinyl
  • A patent-pending locking mechanism that can withstand extreme winds
  • Superior durability that can resist dings, scratches, and overuse
  • 21 stunning colors, including seven deeper hues in the new Architectural Palette
  • Permanent finish that eliminates the need for scraping and painting
  • Industry-leading warranty

With Prodigy’s insulated vinyl siding, your home will not only look good but it’ll also help keep your cooling and heating costs low.

If you think Prodigy’s insulated vinyl siding is the siding for you, then give us a call at 614-798-1133 today. Our friendly operators will gladly give you more information about this product, as well as a free estimate. We’ll also have our fully licensed and certified technicians install the entire system for you to make sure that it’s properly attached to your home.

Our siding service, as well as our other home improvement services, is available to properties in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas.

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