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Glazing Installation in Columbus, OH and Surrounding Areas

One of the best things about a window is that it brings natural light and fresh air into the home. However, a window can do so much more with the right upgrades.

Window glazing, for example, is becoming a popular feature in many windows. The glazing material gives windows energy efficient qualities, making it an effective way to lower utility costs. It also strengthens the glass, enhancing the security of the property.

These are just a few reasons why we recommend getting a window glazing system. After all, a well-made window offers better performance.

Glazing Technology by Freedom Windows

Contact Freedom Windows if you want the windows on your Columbus, Ohio home installed with window glazing. We offer a state-of-the-art glazing system that combines seven key technologies to give the windows unmatched thermal performance and comfort.

  1. Inert gas fill – Argon gas is added between the glass panes and the suspended film. The effect maximizes the window’s R-value by suppressing the conduction and convection in the unit.
  2. Low conductivity spacer system – The center of glass R-values of the windows is extended to the edge of the frame.
  3. Proprietary multi-point glazing seal – A unique feature that’s certified by the Insulating Glass Certification Council (IGCC). It goes above and beyond the industry’s standards and exhibits a Double-A level and unmatched reliability.
  4. Suspended film – The suspended film offers more advantages than your typical single, double, or triple-glazing methods. It reduces convection and heat transfer without increasing the window’s size and weight.
  5. Unique U-channel spacer system – The channel’s intriguing shape allows the material to flex and absorb thermal stress. Its flexibility also eliminates the spacer’s movements, while reducing the likelihood of stress cracks and sealant failure. Once installed, the window will provide years of peak performance and impeccable beauty.
  6. Wet glazing – Increases the window’s R-value performance by minimizing the air leakage at the glass to sash bond.
  7. Wide IG – Windows that have the Wide IG offer better thermal insulation. They also have a higher sound transmission class rating (STC), which gives them sound dampening qualities.

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