Freedom Window Glazing

The Freedom Window combines an enhanced FreedomGlass™ insulated glass package with fully-insulated vinyl framing systems to achieve high insulation performance across the full-frame — not just measured at center of glass.

The Freedom Window combines seven key technologies to achieve world class performance:

• Proprietary multi-point glazing seal: Our multi-point glazing seal goes above and beyond industry standards and are uniquely certified by the Insulating Glass Certification Council (IGCC) at a Double-A level for unbeatable reliability.

• Low conductivity Freedom Spacer system: Low conductivity spacer technology extends The Freedom Window’s high center of glass R-values to the edge of the frame.

• Unique U-channel spacer system: U- channel spacer ­flexes to absorb thermal stress. This flexibility eliminates spacer movements as well as stress cracks and sealant failure providing years of peak performance and outstanding beauty.

• Inert gas fill: Argon or Krypton gas strategically placed between glass panes and our suspended film maximizes R-value by suppressing conduction and convection within our glass unit.

• Next Generation Heat Mirror® Suspended film technology: Suspended film offers multiple advantages over triple–glazing and reduces convection and energy transfer without the weight and size of more glass.

• Wide IG: A wide IG results in better thermal insulation and higher STC (sound transmission class) ratings.

• Wet glazing: Minimizes air leakage at the glass to sash bond, increasing R-value performance.